The Old Guardian is a minor character first seen in the twelfth bonus game, Journey of Atonement. He is an old man who has been guarding the magic kept at the Edge of the World for an unknown length of time.

The Old Guardian does not seem to be based on any specific fairy tale character.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Old Guardian is an elderly man with pale eyes and a bushy white beard. He has a deep, booming voice and wears a robe of blue and yellow. When Kai first met him, he wore a pendant with a yellow gem around his neck, but removed it when he abandoned the ancient temple. His exact age is unknown.

After an immeasurable amount of time guarding the Edge of the World and the dangerous magic kept therein, the Guardian is so desperate to end his watch by passing on the torch to someone else that he no longer cares about doing so in an ethical or moral way.

History Edit

It is unknown how long the Old Guardian had been on the Edge of the World, but he had obviously been there for quite a while. Over time, he grew tired of staying on the island and wanted to leave.

After a long time, he aided a young man, Kai, in getting rid of the Tinderbox and prevented Mother Gothel from pursuing them. Before entering the temple, he gave the young man an amulet similar to his. He then gave Kai some tests to prove if he was worthy.

After Kai passed the tests, the Old Guardian took him to a room where the Tinderbox would be sealed forever. However, when Kai did so, his amulet bonded him to the Tinderbox. Hanging up his own amulet, the Old Guardian left the temple leaving Kai as his unwilling successor.

Whether the Old Guardian is a villain or not is currently unknown.

Relevant Parables Edit

The Temple at the Edge of the World (from Journey of Atonement)
Long ago, a ship was wrecked by a powerful storm at the very edge of the world. Among the many survivors was a little boy whose father drowned while saving him. The survivors formed an island settlement, but throughout the winter, food was scarce and heat was rare, and no one wanted to take care of the child. The child become friends with animals, and chose to live with them instead of humans. When the survivors were rescued at last, the child remained behind on the island. Over a period of years, he deconstructed the settlement and reused the materials to create a temple. He had become a grown man by the time he slept in his temple for the first time, and that night he had a vision. He would dedicate the Temple at the Edge of the World to safekeeping the magic too dangerous for humans. He became the first Guardian, but not the last; many would sacrifice their freedom for the greater good in centuries to come.

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Quotes by Old Guardian Edit

  • "My name is of no importance."
  • "I am simply the Guardian of this place, as you will soon learn."
  • "This ancient temple was built for such sources of magic. But utilizing it comes at a price."
  • "Complete the trials, and then you can lay your burden to rest."
  • "I'm sorry to do this to you, but it was either you or me. My choice was clear."

Quotes about Old Guardian Edit

  • "He's very calm, considering we barely lived through this." (observation by Kai after their battle with Mother Gothel)

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