Parn is a major character and antagonist in the Dark Parables spin-off game, Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat. He is a cat that is able to shapeshift into a human, thanks to an enchanted bell from Mother Goose.

Appearance and Personality Edit

In his cat form, Parn is a pure black cat with bright, glowing eyes. He has heterochromia of the eyes, with one blue and the other yellow. He maintains this coloring even in his human form - with pitch black hair and two differently colored eyes. He has a tanned complexion as a human, and still has a black tail and furry black ears atop his head.

Parn was once an ordinary cat who liked to play and was adored by his owners, Cheryl and Blaise Morellus. After the death of Cheryl, Parn remained at his master's side and was a great comfort to him. However, the Crooked Cat Bell his master gave him to allow him to take a human form also corrupted Parn's soul. As the Crooked Cat, he is a vicious hunter with a single-minded devotion to fulfilling his master's needs and preventing others from getting close to him.

History Edit

As a little kitten, Parn was found and adopted by Cheryl, who shared the newfound kitten with her fiancee, Count Blaise Morellus. The kitten was loved and spoiled by both of them, who gave him a sweet basket and toys at the woodshed of the Chateau de Morellus.

After Cheryl's death, Parn remained close to his remaining master's side, giving him as much comfort through his grief as a little kitten could. He was never far from Blaise's side, and the Count became accustomed to his presence there.

When Mother Goose gave Blaise three Cursery Objects as gifts, one of them was an enchanted cat bell that would allow Parn the ability to transform into a humanoid form so that he could speak with his master and keep him company as a person might. In addition, Parn would be offered Immortality, speed, and strength, so long as he kept the bell on himself and stayed out of direct moonlight.

For just under a hundred years, Parn remained by his master's side in humanoid - and cat - form. However, Mother Goose's Cursery Objects have a negative effect on all who make use of them. Parn's soul was eventually corrupted by the enchanted bell, making him every bit as twisted and macabre as his owner.

In the course of his efforts to keep the Unnamed Protagonist from interfering with Blaise's plans, Mother Goose's bell was knocked off of Parn's neck and toppled into the moonlight, where Parn could not find it. The Protagonist stole the bell and used a prism to channel moonlight directly at Parn, which turned him into a wooden puppet amidst a bright flash of light. The Crooked Cat was no more, or so it appeared.

In Cursery: Humpty Dumpty, there is a cat that bears a striking resemblance to Parn, but it's very unlikely that it's him. However, it could be a reincarnation of Parn, one of his children, and/or the cat seen in Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat. The latter is most likely because of the similar appearance except for it's crooked tail, but as of now it is unknown.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Crooked Cat Bell: This bell allows Parn to transform into a human at will. It also allows him to live indefinitely, so long as his master, the Crooked Man, desires him to stay at his side.
  • Speed and Agility: Like any cat, Parn is very fast and agile on his feet. He is able to easily leap over obstacles and pounce without warning. He maintains these skills even in his human form.

Quotes Edit

  • "Stop interfering with my master's plans! If you don't heed my warning, I will show you no mercy."
  • "You should have heeded my warnings. Now it's too late."
  • "Soon, you will be begging me to end your life."
  • "You are spoiling my master's plans!"
  • "The moonlight - it burns me!"

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