The Pied Piper Flute is one of four magical "Grail Items" used in the Dark Parables spin-off game Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper. When the flute is played, the holder of the flute is capable of summoning and commanding an army of rodents - usually rats.

Appearance and Mechanics Edit

The Pied Piper Flute is a long, slender flute, has a red jewel on it, with a golden rat head at the top. It is kept in a stone statue of a woman playing a flute with a giant rat's head rising behind her. A plaque on the statue reads, "A melodious weapon with the power to summon and command a swarm of rodents." When the flute is played, a swarm of rats appears to do the flute player's bidding. The Pied Piper Flute is said to be carved from the bones of an enchanted creature.

History Edit

The actual history of the Four Grail Items is largely unknown. All four of them existed from at least the time of the ancient city underneath Hamelin and likely have their roots in that city.

The Pied Piper Flute was used by the original Pied Piper of Hamelin to lead the rats from the city and save Hamelin from infestation. In the Dark Parables universe, the Pied Piper never led the children away from the city - only the rats.

After its use by the Pied Piper, the Flute was returned to the statue where it was kept. Some time later, it was found by the Dark Piper, who began making copies of it. He then used the original Flute to attack Hamelin with a swarm of Plagued Rats.

The fake flutes, made by the Dark Piper, were destroyed by the Fabled Inspector. The actual Pied Piper Flute was destroyed in the explosion of the Hamelin Clock Tower caused by the Dark Piper.

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