Plant Monsters are monsters first encountered in the seventh Dark Parables game, Ballad of Rapunzel. They are formed by various kinds of plants and, as such, varys in their appearance and abilities. These monsters are formed by a combination of Belladonna and Rapunzel's powers and are under Belladonna's control whenever Rapunzel sings.

Appearance Edit

There are six main kinds of Plant Monsters seen in DP games:

  • Creeping Vines: Long, thick vines with flowering ends that can grab onto things.
  • Snapping Vines: Similar to Creeping Vines, but with large round heads. They lack eyes, but have huge mouths. They are also known as the carnivorous flower.
  • Canal Monster: A large, seaweed-covered monster with fins and rows of sharp teeth. It lives in the canal.
  • Giant Flower: An enormous Nightbloom. It drinks special water and has an audible heartbeat.
  • Plant Golem: An enormous creature made of foliage and thick tree roots.
  • Giant Venus Flytrap: Similar to Venus Flytrap plants, but large and constantly snapping their teeth.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As with appearance, the abilities of these monsters also vary:

Creeping Vines:

  • Their long, flexible bodies are adept at moving around obstacles.
  • They possess strength enough to bust through walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Their flower-like heads are capable of grabbing onto things and people.

Snapping Vines:

  • Long, flexible body like Vine Monsters.
  • Sharp teeth, perfect for chewing up people and things.
  • Lives in the water, but is able to sense things outside of it.

Canal Monster:

  • Capable of breathing underwater. Can stay out of sight under the water's surface indefinitely.
  • Enormous size, along with great speed and agility for a creature of its size.
  • Superior strength, paired with rows of extremely sharp teeth.
  • Tough hide. Only special weapons designed to cut through any surface can break through its skin.

Giant Flower:

  • Doesn't possess many active skills or abilities.
  • Possesses great amounts of poisonous pollen, capable of debilitating people across a large area if released.

Plant Golem:

  • Huge size, intimidating on that fact alone.
  • Extremely tough hide made out of thickened tree roots and foliage.
  • Superior strength - the strongest of the Plant Monsters.

Giant Venus Flytrap:

  • Doesn't seem to do much of anything but snap it's teeth together.
  • Grows in groups, on vines that scale walled structures.

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