Princess Valla is a minor character first learned about in the tenth Dark Parables game, Goldilocks and the Fallen Star. She was the first-born child of King Waclaw, and she died while still young.

Princess Valla is not based on any particular fairy tale character.

Appearance and Personality Edit

As Valla is deceased at the time of Goldilocks and the Fallen Star, her only appearance is in a flashback told by the Sun Goddess which depicts the Princess as having long, slightly curled hair and a bright smile.

Very little is known of Valla's personality when she was alive, but it is assumed that she was a kind, playful child who was much beloved by her younger sister.

History Edit

Valla was the first-born daughter of King Waclaw of Barsia and the elder sister of Princess Leda. Although not much is known of her, a flashback told by the Sun Goddess shows that she and Leda were close and would play together happily. But one day, tragedy struck: while playing with her sister on the cliffs overlooking Lake Symhir, Valla slipped and fell into the cold water below. Although Leda ran for help, Valla could not be saved.

As Barsia was at war with its neighbor Olesia, King Waclaw kept the news of Valla's death a secret from the troops to keep up morale, instead claiming that Valla had merely been injured. To comfort his distraught younger daughter, he also had a craftsman create a lifelike doll in Valla's likeness but it didn't help. Eventually, an automaton was made that was so similar to the real Valla that even her father and sister couldn't tell the difference anymore.

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