Pumpkin Carriages are a common sight in the Dark Parables universe. We first encounter one in the second game, The Exiled Prince, and continue to run into them in other games, as well. They are closely related to the first Cinderella, Ella Blom and are featured heavily in The Final Cinderella.

Appearance and Mechanics Edit

Pumpkin carriages have different appearances. Some look very pumpkin-like, while others look more like traditional carriages though the shape or design of a pumpkin.

Most of the carriages we find throughout the games serve little purpose other than a decorative one with no movement. In The Final Cinderella, we use a Pumpkin carriage we find to travel to the Mirror World.

Related parables Edit

Ella Blom, The First Cinderella (from The Final Cinderella)

Once upon a time, there was a "Cinderella" named Ella. After her father died, she was sent to work in the kitchen by her stepmother. One day, news came that the Prince had decided to hold a ball. All the girls in the kingdom were invited, but Ella was forbidden to go. Forlornly, Ella made a wish that she could join her stepsisters at the ball. Hearing her desperate plea, Godmother appeared. She transformed a pumpkin and mice into a beautiful horse-drawn carriage. Then, Ella's rags were transformed into a stunning ball gown and glittering glass slippers. Arriving at the ball, Ella immediately captured the Prince's attention. He fell in love with her gentle nature, and they got married and lived happily ever after.

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