Puppet Katherine is an object encountered in the fifth Dark Parables game, The Final Cinderella. It is a life-like puppet made to resemble Katherine Belloni and is used by Godmother Amelia to fool the Fairytale Detective.

Appearance and Mechanics Edit

Puppet Katherine is made out of wood fashioned to look just like Katherine Belloni. The puppet is further enchanted with Godmother Amelia's dark magic to give her the appearance of a living, breathing human. Once this enchantment is broken, the puppet is once again visibly made out of wood. Amelia also used her magic to make a dress exactly like Katherine's. But there was one thing that Amelia didn't notice; Katherine spoke differently than the real Katherine, which already makes some people start to doubt if Katherine was Katherine.

History Edit

Puppet Katherine was made by Amelia for the sole purpose of fooling the Fairytale Detective into giving the Glass Slippers to Amelia. Once the puppet serves this purpose, Amelia removes her enchantments from it and discards it in the puppet factory as it's lifeless self.

Quotes Edit

  • "Help me, Detective!"
  • "When Godmother held me captive, she mentioned about glass slippers being the key to some curse."
  • "Hurry! We can't let Godmother get those slippers first!"
  • "Ah. The glass slippers."
  • "Bravo, Detective! Bravo!"

Gallery Edit

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