Geppetto puppet death

Purification is a form of Light Magic that can undo the effects of corruption.

Notable Bearers Edit

  • Glass Wand: The Godmother's wand can reverse the effects of dark forces like the Forbidden Grove.
  • Golden Sand: The sandmen's golden sand can reverse the effects of the purple sand and restore nightmares to their true forms.
  • Moon Amulet: The Moon Amulet can restore a corrupted Sandman.

Notable Benefactors Edit

  • Geppetto: The Detective used the Glass Wand to destroy the Puppet Master and free Geppetto from the curse of the Forbidden Grove.
  • Mab: Her corruption was undone by the Moon Amulet.
  • Shadow: The Detective used golden sand to restore him.
  • The people of Montafleur: After Mab was restored to her former self, she used her magic to nullify the effects of her corruption.
  • Shadow God: After the Detective defeated him, the Moon, Sun, and Maiden Goddesses performed a ritual to cleanse him of his evil side.