Queen Violante is a minor character learned about in the eighth Dark Parables game, Ballad of Rapunzel. She was the first wife of King Crisanto and the mother of Rapunzel.

Appearance and Personality Edit

As Queen Violante is deceased at the time of Ballad of Rapunzel, her appearance is only known through portraits and statues that depict a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and fair skin. She dressed simply but regally in a lilac ball-gown and green cloak. She also wore a gold crown and necklace.

The only clues about her personality are through dedications that declare her kindness.

History Edit

Violante was married to King Crisanto of the kingdom of Floralia. She was much beloved by the people for her kindness and perhaps also for her resemblance to the Goddess Flora, Floralia's patron Goddess. Unfortunately, Violante was also fragile and of poor health; when she became pregnant, she feared for her child's health. To ensure a safe delivery, Violante drank a potion made from the Lilac Bellflower every day. The infant, a daughter, was born healthy as a result, but Violante passed away from the strain of childbirth. 

The people of Floralia mourned deeply for the loss of their Queen, and in time, many portraits and statues were made to honor her. 

Quotes Edit

Quotes by Queen Violante Edit

  • "My darling, know that I love you and will always watch over you and our daughter from the heavens. I pray you will find happiness again soon." (words inscripted in a locket to her husband)

Quotes about Queen Violante Edit

  • "Violante, the Queen of Floralia. She lives forever in the hearts of the people." (inscription on a statue in the Forgotten Garden)
  • "Even after her death, Violante's presence is seeped in the kingdom."
  • "The Queen who brought light and life to the kingdom."

Relevant Parables Edit

Rapunzel (from The Ballad of Rapunzel)

There once lived a Queen of a mountain kingdom, the beautiful Violante. She was much-beloved by her people, but fragile and of ill-health. One day, she discovered she was pregnant. Anxious for the baby's health, Violante would consume a medicinal potion every day. The baby arrived safely, a girl with beautiful golden hair. But weak from childbirth, Violante soon passed away. The kingdom mourned for the loss of their Queen. Moved by their grief, and seeing trouble brewing within their midst, their patron goddess blessed the small Princess with a gift. Within the Princess would be the power of restoration, enhanced as her hair grew ever longer. And this healing touch could be bestowed upon others with little more than a song. The Princess grew to be the very image of her mother, a lovely, kind-hearted girl. With the Goddess' blessing, the Princess was named Rapunzel.

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  • Violante's name has Spanish, Southern Italian, and Portuguese origins. Unsurprisingly, it means 'violet'

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