Rach Neumann, AKA the Blue Tea Thief is an easter egg character seen in many different games made by Blue Tea Games. He also appears in multiple Dark Parables games, including one made by Eipix.

Appearance Edit

Rach Neumann always has the exact same appearance. He is wide-eyed and slack-jawed, with most of his teeth missing. His clothing is modernish, usually simple slacks and a button-down shirt. He wears a newsboy cap.

In The Exiled Prince, we see his skeleton, as well. We can tell it's him because of the newsboy cap and the diary found in the next room - with a picture of the thief himself.

In The Final Cinderella, we find a puppet version of Rach Neumann inside Mirror World. The face is mostly the same, but the puppet's mouth is closed instead of opened.

In Return of the Salt Princess, he was chasing after Princess Brigid until he got her trapped at a dead end. He tried to attack her with a knife, but she turned him into salt thanks to her dragonflies. Rach attempted to flee, but his body completely turned into salt with his mouth open. Later, he body was destroyed by Nuada, although his head remains intact.

History Edit

No one knows who the Blue Tea Thief is or why he appears in so many games. It's a mystery, but a fun one! The character is usually described as a thief or adventurer who's met an awful fate. We usually find his carcass, but sometimes he's illustrated in a portrait or other kind of imagery.

His name is shown in The Exiled Prince, where we see a page from his diary. We see the name again in Jack and the Sky Kingdom, on a document inside a satchel beside a photo of Rach. In Goldilocks and the Fallen Star, Rach can be seen in the Queen's Treasury, as one of the golden statues of people who fell prey to Leda's Golden Touch. The Fairytale Detective calls him by name in her observations of him - and seems to be aware of his continued forays into unfortunate adventures. In Return of the Salt Princess, Rach is a wanted outlaw who was chasing after Princess Brigid at the beginning of the game. After the princess got caught in a dead end, she had to turn him into salt to escape. His body was then destroyed by Nuada who threw a large bolder at him, his head still in intact though.

Quotes Edit

  • "They call me insane, but I will find this hidden castle!" (from diary in The Exiled Prince)
  • "No one will ever doubt the Great One!" (from diary in The Exiled Prince)
  • "I'll prove to everyone that I am the greatest thief the world has ever known!" (from note found in Goldilocks and the Fallen Star)

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