The Raven Brothers are minor characters introduced in the ninth Dark Parables bonus game, The Seven Ravens. They are the cursed brothers of Mab.

The Raven Brothers are based on the brothers in the German fairy tale The Seven Ravens.

Appearance and Personality Edit

As ravens, the feathers are black. Corbin is the only one who still has the ability to speak in his raven form.

History Edit

The Raven Brothers were originally the sons of the woodcutter Ronan and whose names were Corbin, Devin, Gavin, Kevin, Martin, Peter and Simon. They also had a sister, Mab, and it is implied that the siblings were very close.


  • Corbin is derived from the French word 'corbeau', meaning 'raven'
  • Corbin is the only brother that actually talks
  • Out of all the brothers only 5 out of 7 names rhyme with each other

Quotes Edit

  • "Hey! Hands off! Quit rummaging through my house!" - Corbin
  • "Don't you recognize your eldest brother?" - Corbin
  • "Of the seven of us, I'm the only one who can still speak." - Corbin
  • "Sister! I knew you'd save us!" - Corbin

Gallery Edit

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