Red Riding Hood Robes are an item found in the fourth Dark Parables game, The Red Riding Hood Sisters. They are magical robes imbued with magic. Wearing one of these robes protects the wearer's scent from being picked up by Mist Wolves and other creatures. This garment was also incorporated into the Sisterhood's coat of arms, which is still in use today.

Appearance and Mechanics Edit

The traditional Red Riding Hood Robe is a simple hooded cloak, but more modern designs can take many different varied forms. The one thing they all share is their deep red color and the hood.

Red Riding Hood Robes work primarily to protect the Red Riding Hood Sisters from being picked up by their scent. This keeps Mist Wolves and other dangerous animals of the forest from being able to detect their presence. This feature was imbued in the robes by the Godmother Amelia.

History Edit

The original Red Riding Hood, Isabella, was very fond of her red hooded robe. She wore this robe everywhere, including to go visit her grandmother on that fateful day that the old woman was attacked and slain by a wolf. Isabella brought the robe with her when she was adopted by the Hunter, and continued to wear it as she grew and trained.

When Isabella decided to begin adopting and training young orphans, herself, she decided to make her beloved red robe a symbol of the fledgling Sisterhood. Since then, the Red Riding Hood Sisters have all worn a deep red robe with a hood, imbued with magical properties by Amelia, to represent their Sisterhood and to protect them from harm.

Because Amelia died, however, it is unknown how the robes are currently made. It's possible that the robes are now sewn without magical powers, but it's also possible that Amelia made many robes at once so the Sisters would have plenty for years to come.

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