Renée (or Renee) is a major character in the Dark Parables spin-off game, Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat. She is the unnamed protagonist's sister and the latest young woman to be abducted by the Crooked Man.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Renée is a lovely young girl with pale ash blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair is long, but she wears it pulled back in two low buns. Her dress sense is simple and stylish.

Renée is an adventurous and brave girl. She seems almost excited by the tales of missing maidens taken by a mysterious figure - until she becomes one of the maidens, herself. Even in danger, she is strong and courageous, even urging her sibling (the protagonist) to rescue another girl before freeing her, since she can take care of herself.

History Edit

We don't know anything about Renée's upbringing, but it was likely pretty standard. She has one sibling that she is very close with.

While traveling through a dark wooded area with her sibling, the two found themselves under attack by a strange black cat with two different colored eyes. After their carriage crashed, a tall man with a cane stepped out of the darkness and abducted Renée. This Crooked Man took her to several locations, trying to rekindle memories of a past life. When none of this worked, he placed an enchanted ring on her finger. The ring caused her to remember everything about her life as Cheryl, the one true love of Count Blaise Morellus - now known as the Crooked Man.

The Count took her back to his Chateau, then to his hidden Crooked House, where he prepared to marry her whether she liked it or not. However, when the Count was about to kill Renée's brother right in front of her, she put her foot down and demanded that Blaise stop hurting people - and told him that she would stay with him, but not marry him. Driven mad in anger and frustration, the Count brought down part of his Crooked House and dragged Renée to the cliff where Cheryl had died.

Renée's sibling separated Blaise from his enchanted cane long enough for Renée to get away, but her escape was thwarted by lightning striking the statue beside her and raining huge chunks of debris on her. Her life was saved by Blaise, who could not bear to see her die again. Wounded and unable to deal with the thought of ever losing his love, Blaise told Renée she was free... and stepped off the cliff to his death.

Quotes Edit

  • "Have you heard the story about the kidnapped maidens?"
  • "Apparently, all of the girls were around my age, and they all vanished while traveling down this path."
  • "Trust me, I can handle the Crooked Man."
  • "Go save the other girl first."
  • "I... I remember everything."
  • "You chased me to the cliff. Then I fell. I died because of you!"
  • "I must finish what was started in my past life. Don't interfere."
  • "Stop it, Blaise! I will stay here with you. Just promise me you won't hurt any more people."
  • "Don't you see? Your love for me has become warped. You have destroyed so many innocent lives."
  • "I will stay here, but I refuse to marry you."
  • "You don't really love me. You just want a docile puppet to play your wife and to live with you in your little gilded cage!"
  • "You're crazy! You can't kill everyone just to protect me."
  • "Blaise, no! You can't die!"

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Trivia Edit

  • The name Renée means "reborn" in French, which matches her status as the reincarnation of Cheryl.

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