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Restoration is the power to restore objects and people to their original state. It plays a large role in Ballad of Rapunzel.

Specifics Edit

This gift is associated with the Lilac Bellflower and is bestowed to the Guardian of this flower by the Goddess Flora. This power seems connected to the Guardian's hair and voice and it will grow in strength the longer the Guardian's hair grows.

The gift of restoration is the polar opposite of the deadly touch, and if one were to grow stronger than the other and tip the balance, the weaker counterpart, and its Guardian, would die.

Effects Edit

  • Healing: This gift can heal the sick and wounded, restoring them to full health (mostly through tears with Ross).
  • Life: Just one of Rapunzel's tears can save someone from the brink of death.
  • Immunity: A person with this blessing is immune to the deadly touch and all other illnesses.

Notable Bearers Edit

Notable Benefactors Edit

  • Ross Red
  • Citizens of Floralia
  • Unknown kingdom from The Mermaid's Tears parable.