Ronan is a woodcutter and the father of the seven raven boys and Mab. He makes a brief appearance in the Queen of Sands during the bonus game, The Seven Ravens.

Ronan is not based on any particular fairy tale character.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Ronan's appearance when he was alive is unknown, as he was only shown as a skeleton wearing ragged clothes and a green fedora hat during The Seven Ravens.

Based on The Raven Boys parable and comments made by his daughter Mab, Ronan was a kind, brave man who deeply respected the forest and the fairy inhabitants. He was also a good father to his children, willing to do anything to break his sons' curses, even at the cost of his own life.

History Edit

Ronan was a woodcutter who lived in a cottage near a fairy village. He had seven sons: Corbin, Devin, Gavin, Kevin, Martin, Peter and Simon. He also had a single daughter, Mab.

When his daughter was very young, Ronan sent her to live with her uncle in the city.

Relevant Parables Edit

The Raven Boys (from The Seven Ravens)

Once upon a time, there was a woodsman named Ronan. He lived with his seven sons in a cottage outside an ancient forest. They were good people who lived simply on the bounty the forest provided. Ronan honored tradition, leaving food for the fairies in his back yard. The fairies feasted often on his generous offerings. But Ronan had no idea his kindness would endanger his family. One day, an evil witch was hunting fairies with her giant spider. She followed their trail to Ronan's cottage. The witch was disappointed there were no fairies, but there was something even better. "These tender boys will make a delicious stew!" she exclaimed, sending her spider after them. Ronan heard their screams and came running. He fought the spider, scaring it away, but he succumbed to its poisonous bite and died. Outraged at her spider's defeat, she cursed Ronan's sons. They began to caw, sprouting wings and feathers as they flew away. They lived as ravens forevermore, forgetting that they were once human.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Woodcarving Skills

Relationships Edit

Quotes Edit

Quotes by Ronan Edit

Quotes about Ronan Edit

  • "Father's heart belongs to the forest. He always taught us to love and respect it."

Galleries Edit

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