Rosaria is the land of the fairies, a place where Goddess Flora can regenerate without a magic seed, and the capital of the land of Oz. It is a beautiful place, where nature glows with life and everything is peaceful and harmonious. We first encounter it in the bonus game, The Thumbelina Curse.

History Edit

Not much is known of Rosaria's history. It is a powerful place, where Goddess Flora resides while she recuperates from her trials in The Thumbelina Curse.

If the Thumbelina Parable is to be believed, there is a Fairy Prince that resides in Rosaria who is in love with Flora. It is this Prince that allows Flora to call this fairy land her home. However, there are some issues with the Thumbelina parable, as it doesn't seem to match the events in The Thumbelina Curse.

Interestingly, the throne Flora sits upon allows her to regenerate without the use of a magic seed. It's possible this throne is made of bark from the Dire Tree or is enchanted with magic from a magic seed.

Notable Residents Edit

Gallery Edit

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