{Game Title} is the bonus gameplay content included in the Collector's Edition of {MAIN GAME TITLE}. In it, we play as {MAIN CHARACTER}, who must {brief description of goal of bonus game}.

This bonus game is based on {origin, type and TITLE OF TALE, linked to wikipedia}.

Prologue Edit

{Text from the prologue screen (or video) of the bonus game.}

Plot Edit

WARNING: This section contains massive spoilers!

{Lengthy plot synopsis, detailing the important events of the bonus game.}

Epilogue Edit

{Text from the epilogue screen (or video) of the bonus game.}

Parables Edit

Parable Title
{Parable Text}

Parable Title
{Parable Text}

Connections Edit

  • {Connection to any other game/character/etc from Dark Parables.}
  • {Another connection to something else in the Dark Parables world.}

Galleries Edit

{This is the tab for screenshots of key points in the plot of the game.}

{This tab is for all other images. Bonus Games have fewer images and need fewer tabs.}

Delete this Section Edit

{Double check to make sure all {bracketed text} has been replaced or deleted. If you don't need a specific section (eg: if there isn't a prologue), simply delete the whole section. Remember to add links and categories - Bonus Games should all be categorized under "Bonus Games" and their own title, as well as the title of the Main Game they are a part of.}

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