{Character Name} is a {major/minor} character first seen in the {Nth} Dark Parables game, {GAME TITLE}. {This should be one sentence summing the character up as concisely as possible. eg: "She is the Queen of the Snowfall Kingdom and the Guardian of the Frost Edelweiss."}

{Character Name} is based on {this should give the locale, type and title of the tale/character this person is based on. eg: "the German fairy tale Snow White."}

Appearance and Personality Edit

{This paragraph should be a short summation of the character's appearance. Include their overall appearance, their sex, hair color/style, eye color, notable elements of the character's look.}

{This paragraph should be a short summation of the character's overall personality. This should just be a brief overview of their basic demeanor, not an in depth study of them.}

History Edit

{This should be a multi-paragraph, chronological overview of their entire life as far as we know it. Think of it like writing a memoir - include important events, but leave out meaningless ones. For example, "Ross Red then got his wounds treated by the Fairytale Detective." is unimportant in the grand scheme of Ross Red's life. "Ross Red helped the Fairytale Detective with her investigation of Floralia." is a meaningful life event for Ross.}

Relevant Parables Edit

{Parable Name} (from {GAME TITLE})
{Text of Parable}

{Parable Name} (from {GAME TITLE})
{Text of Parable}

Powers and Abilities Edit

{Delete this section entirely if the character is a human and has no known powers.}

  • {Power or Ability}: {Brief description of ability (if needed).}
  • {Power or Ability}: {Brief description of ability (if needed).}

Relationships Edit

  • {CHARACTER NAME} ({description of relationship})
  • {CHARACTER NAME} ({description of relationship})

Quotes Edit

{Delete this entire section if the character has no quotes. Keep quotes limited to things that are interesting, amusing or give insight into a Character's personality or motivations. "Hello Detective." isn't a particularly interesting quote. "Well, if it isn't my favorite Detective!" is. Likewise, "Have you figured out the portal yet?" isn't interesting. "My stepsister Cyrilla turned into glass at the ball last night." is.}

  • "{Quote spoken by Character.}"
  • "{Another quote by Character.}"

Galleries Edit

{This tab is for images of the actual character, where they actually appear in the games.}

{This tab is for Photographs, Portraits, Statues and other depictions of the actual character.}

{This tab is for locations in the game that are relevant to the character.}

{This tab is for objects that are relevant to the character.}

{This tab is for concept art, wallpapers, ads, fanart, etc.}

{Double Check Your Work!} Edit

{Make sure all text in {brackets} has been replaced with proper text or deleted entirely - including this text here! Also, make sure to add links and categories to your page. When you're all done, click Publish. Your page may be further edited by others for clarity and uniformity with the other pages on the Wiki. Thanks for contributing!}

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