Shadow is a minor character introduced in the fourth Dark Parables game, The Red Riding Hood Sisters. He is the wolf adopted and raised by the Elder Sister, Ruth, to become a part of the Order of the Red Riding Hood Sisters.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Shadow is a large, black wolf. He wears a red cape, on which is the insignia of the Red Riding Hood Sisters. In his nightmare form, Shadow resembles a mist wolf with bright purple markings. Immediately after being restored to his true form, Shadow exhibits bright blue eyes, but this seems to be a temporary effect from having taken on his Nightmare form.

He is a loyal companion of Ruth, and is seldom away from her side. In his nightmare form, he exhibits a fear of fire. It is possible he has this aversion in his normal form, as well.

History Edit

Shadow and his siblings were found by the Red Riding Hood Sisters as pups. The Order decided to adopt the pups and try raising them to assist the Sisters in their duties of protecting the forest. Ruth adopted Shadow and gave him his name.

Shadow grew into a loyal companion for Ruth, patrolling the woods at her side. When Ruth traveled to Montafleur to investigate the nightmare creatures appearing there, Shadow joined her. However, during the course of this investigation, Shadow was turned into a nightmare version of himself. The Fairytale Detective reversed this change with Golden Sand.

When Ruth left Montafleur to continue research back at the hideout, Shadow went with her. He presumably remained at the base when Ruth returned to Montafleur with Rapunzel, most likely to avoid any nightmarish mishaps from reoccurring.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Shadow is a normal wolf, and as such, he possesses the normal skills and abilities that a wolf would have.

  • Keen Sense of Smell
  • Great Strength and Speed
  • Sharp Teeth
  • Sharp Hearing

In his nightmare form, Shadow does not seem to have any additional powers, but he has grown to an immense size and has a very nasty temperament; basically a darker version of the mist wolves.

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