Shapeshifting is the ability to alter someone's physical appearance using magic.

Specifics Edit

Shapeshifting has been encountered many times throughout the series, and its capabilities differ depending on the individual. Some, like the Evil Witch and the Evil Godmother, can transform into virtually anything including other people, fairies or animals like crows, while Chi, Parn and Guida could only change from human to animal and vice versa ( a spider and cat, respectively). Prince Julian can only change into other humans.

Effects Edit

  • Hiding: Shape-shifting allows one to disappear into the background and remain undetected.
  • Power Granting: Those who can change into animals gain the natural abilities of those creatures, like flying and enhanced senses.

Sources Edit

  • Witchcraft: Spells can be used to alter a person's appearance and grant the power to fluidly change shape at will.
  • Magical Objects: The spell to change shape can be held in an object like Parn's bell or the Swan Guard amulets.

Notable Bearers Edit

Witchcraft Edit

  • Evil Witch: A powerful Sorceress who can change into a crow, a fairy and the Moon Goddess' advisor at will.
  • Chi: Chi learned from her spider familiars how to change into a spider.
  • Prince Julian: A witch granted him the power to change into other people.
  • Mother Gothel: Gothel absorbed nature's energy and gained the power to change into nature's creations.
  • Mab: Mab can change into an old human woman, though this disguise retains many of Mab's characteristics like her hair's color, style and length.

Magical Object Edit

  • Parn: Parn's bell allowed him to assume a humanoid form, but he retained feline characteristics like his ears and claws.
  • Guida: Guida's ruby necklace allowed her to assume a complete human form.
  • Swan Guard: All high-ranking members of the Guard possess an amulet that can transform them into swans.