The Skeleton Key is one of four magical "Grail Items" used in the Dark Parables spin-off game Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper. It is a key that is capable of opening any lock in existence.

Appearance and MechanicsEdit

The Skeleton Key is a large key with a skull on the top of it (it is the left-most object in the picture). It is kept in a statue of a skeleton that can only be opened by applying a set of specially made locks. A plaque on the statue reads, "A magical key that shifts in shapes to fit any lock perfectly." When used, the Skeleton Key opens any lock it is inserted into.


The actual history of the four Grail Items is unknown. All four of them existed from at least the time of the ancient city underneath Hamelin and likely have their roots in that golden city.

The Skeleton Key is found by the Fabled Inspector during the investigation of the Dark Piper and the ruins underneath the town of Hamelin. The key is used to assist the Inspector by unlocking several locked containers.

It was not destroyed in the explosion of the Hamelin Clock Tower, as the Pied Piper Flute and Ravenlore Whistle were. It is assumed the Skeleton Key was returned to its home inside the statue in the ruins under Hamelin, as the Fabled Inspector no longer had it during the events of The Midas Lair.