The Sky Kingdom is a legendary land full of treasures, sought by treasure hunters and adventurers. It is one of the main locations explored in the sixth Dark Parables game, Jack and the Sky Kingdom.

History Edit

The kingdom itself didn't always reside in the skies above. It used to be a normal kingdom, with a normal King and a queen. After the King went mad with greed and an unhealthy obsession with wealth, his Queen left him. Some time later, a witch gave the King an artifact known as the Bolide Shard, which the King intended to use to destroy the world. To save his own self and his many treasures, he lifted his kingdom into the clouds and the Sky Kingdom was born.

The Sky Kingdom was protected for many years by King Eurig's three Princes; boys he had adopted from the witch, who each had magical abilities. Still, the kingdom was found and invaded by Jack and his band of adventurers. Among these adventurers was Emma, a distant descendant of King Eurig's. Only Jack was able to escape the Princely guardians of the Sky Kingdom, and he made off with a valuable ring. Emma was left behind, where she was accepted as part of the royal family.

Jack returned some years later with a Detective, who helped to stop King Eurig's plans to destroy the earth. Unfortunately, the Sky Kingdom itself could not be saved. It crumbled into many pieces and crashed into the ocean. All that remains of this once beautiful place is debris at the bottom of the ocean.

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