TT&TTB Souvenirs Complete

Souvenirs is an extra content feature unlocked after completing the main and bonus games of The Thief and the Tinderbox. The player revisits places from the games to search for objects that relate to previous Dark Parables (the exception is the candlestick which is a teaser). There are 12 souvenirs in total and finding all souvenirs will earn the player an Achievement entitled "Supreme Achiever".

Images of Souvenirs Edit

Souvenirs MenuEdit

Mouseover Comments by Fairytale DetectiveEdit

  • "It's a spindle ... I better watch my fingers."
  • "The Frog Prince, as handsome as ever."
  • "Mirror, mirror, tell me true ..."
  • "A Red Riding Sister's robe ... Probably dropped when they visited Snow White."
  • "A glass slipper! One of the Cinderellas must've been here in the past."
  • "Magic beans! Too bad there's no Sky Kingdom anymore."
  • "I just hope Rapunzel's still keeping Belladonna's powers under control."
  • "Staff of the Ancients. It used to belong to the Sea Goddess."
  • "The Beast ... Reminds me of some close calls I've had with dangerous creatures."
  • "I remember a cube just like this one, I used it to activate the Fallen Star."
  • "A magic seed ... I wonder how the new Swan Princess is holding up."
  • "It's no ordinary candlestick. I wonder where it came from ..."

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