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Each of the Dark Parables games has official Strategy Guides that go along with it. They come in two forms: an interactive strategy guide and an official online walkthrough. Both are available through Big Fish Games. If you are looking for a video version of the walkthroughs, feel free to visit out Official Wiki Walkthroughs Page.

Interactive Strategy Guides Edit

These guides generally feature basic gameplay tips, a walkthrough of every chapter of the game, a walkthrough of the bonus game, solutions for all puzzles and HO scenes in both games, and the locations of all Cursed Objects, Parable Pieces and items from other Collections. These guides are fully illustrated with screencaps from the game, marked to indicate all of the items found there.

The Collector's Edition of each game comes with the complete interactive Strategy Guide included. It is accessible at any time through a button in the game's interfact labeled "Strategy Guide" or simply "Guide". For those who own the Standard Edition of the game, the Strategy Guides can be purchased separately at the following links:

Online Walkthroughs Edit

Big Fish Games provides a walkthrough for each game through their official blog. It lacks the interactivity and easy navigation of the Strategy Guide, but otherwise contains all of the same information. To view these walkthroughs, follow the links below:

Gallery Edit