The Dark Parables Wiki is always in need of more submissions from fans just like you! Hopefully, this page will help you feel confident about making changes to this Wiki (and maybe even others!).

Working with Wikia Edit

  • You can edit pages, make new pages and add textual content of any kind without needing an account.
  • In order to add photos, videos or other media, you will have to have a Wikia account.
  • The "Wiki Activity" link in the Dark Parables Wiki navigation bar is the fastest way to see new material.
  • Feel free to comment in the forum or on any page within the Wiki - Your insights are helpful!

Adding Pages Edit

  • Make sure the page doesn't already exist. Do a search of the Wiki, making sure to check for aliases as well.
  • Give the page a concise, accurate name. Make sure to spell the page's name correctly.
  • Try to stick with the same format as similar pages already on the Wiki. To help you, check out these samples:
    ~ Sample Game Page
    ~ Sample Bonus Game Page
    ~ Sample Character Page

Adding Information Edit

  • Make sure your information is accurate. If you're not sure about something, it is better not to add it.
  • Theories and conjecture (especially about future games/plots) are welcome - but make sure to label them as such!

Adding Images Edit

  • Screencaps should be taken with the game in windowed mode (NOT full screen). When the games are displayed in full screen, the graphics are stretched to fill your screen. This can result in poor image resolution and incorrect image proportions. Windowed mode presents the graphics in their native size and resolution, as intended.
  • If possible, screencaps for videos and cutscenes should be taken using an external video player playing the video files in their native resolution. Again, this minimizes stretching and mis-proportioned images.
  • Give your images relatively descriptive names. "CoBR_Main_Menu.jpg" is a much better name than "efrgsdfs.jpg"
  • For galleries with sections, try to add your images to the proper sections. Imagine your screencap is a picture you took with a camera. If you took a picture of the actual character, it's a "Character" shot. If you took a picture of a picture of a character, it's a "Depiction".

Categorizing Pages Edit

  • Categories are helpful for a lot of different reasons. Feel free to create any useful Categories you like.
  • Be careful when adding/removing pages to categories. The goal is to make content easier to find - not more confusing!

Oops! Edit

Hey, making mistakes happens to everybody. If you make a mistake and you don't know how to fix it, just leave a comment on the page itself alerting others to the problem. Someone will come along and help you out - don't worry! Changes can always be rolled back and fixed.

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