Swan Lake is one of the locations visited in the eleventh Dark Parables game, The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree. The name refers to both the lake itself, as well as the area immediately surrounding it.

Swan Lake lies within the Dire Tree in center of the Swan Kingdom, and does not have a real world counterpart. The lake itself is based on Swan Lake from the Russian ballet of the same name.

History Edit

Coming soon...

Locations Within Swan Lake Edit

  • Swan Palace
  • Swan Guard Barracks
  • Swan Kingdom Prison

Notable Residents Edit

  • Swan Guard
  • Silver Swan (deceased)
  • Princess Priscilla (deceased)
  • Princess Ethel (deceased)
  • Unnamed Princesses (deceased)
  • Princess Elise (unknown)
  • Princess Odile (current Swan Princess)
  • Traitor of the Guard
  • Princess Odette (former, deceased)
  • Flora (patron Goddess)

Gallery Edit

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