The Swan Prince / Princess is an honorary title given to the current leader of the Swan Guard of Dire Island. It does not denote actual royalty, but is awarded more so as a military title. Currently, there are only three Swan Princesses and one Swan Prince that we know of. When a Swan Prince/Princess dies, it is assumed that a new one is selected to take their place.

History Edit

The first Swan Prince was Silver Swan. He was known throughout the lands for his heroic deeds, and the rank of Swan Prince was created for him.

Known (Named) Swan Princes / Swan Princesses Edit

Known (Unnamed) Swan Princes / Swan Princesses Edit

  • The musical Princess
  • The green-haired, dancing Princess
  • The sword-wielding Princess
  • The archer Princess

Quotes Edit

Quotes about Swan Princes / Swan Princesses Edit

  • "I remember reading that one of the Princesses had green hair and was obsessed with dancing."
  • "Many will try to wear her shoes, but all will fail." (description of unnamed dancing Swan Princess)
  • "Her reign was the Age of Melody, because no war ravaged our lands." (description of Swan Princess, Ethel)
  • "She lived by the blade and died as the greatest champion." (description of unnamed swords-woman Swan Princess)
  • "Her arrows could pierce a firefly from miles away." (description of unnamed archer Swan Princess.)

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