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There are many symbols within the Dark Parables universe. Most characters have items, plants or animals that are heavily associated with them. Naturally, these items aren't always used to symbolize something larger - but they very often are. These kinds of symbols are a good tool for figuring out the deeper secrets of the Dark Parables world.

If you find yourself playing a game and noticing a certain symbol repeatedly showing up, it often pertains to one of the characters in that game - and sometimes, you'll find symbols in odd places that pertain to characters not even in that particular game (e.g. the Pumpkin Carriage lock in The Final Cinderella with an Ivy token and a Rose token on the wheels, symbolizing Princesses Ivy and Briar Rose).

You can use this handy-dandy list to help identify who (or what) a certain object, animal or plant might be symbolizing.

Also, check out The Language of Flowers, our page about the traditional symbolism of many different flowers!

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