Dark Parables is a very art-driven game series. From the lush backgrounds and gorgeous character designs to the elegant inventory items and complex symbolism, artistry is evident everywhere in the Dark Parables world. Many very talented artists have worked on these games through the years, and this page aims to be a place where you can find out a little more about some of the people behind the artwork - and maybe even see more of the gorgeous art they create.

There are simply too many artists who have worked on this series for all of them to be listed here. Instead, this page lists those who have worked on the Dark Parables series and who have an internet presence of some kind. All artists on this page are listed alphabetically by their last name.

If you are an artist who worked on any one of the Dark Parables games, please feel free to edit your entry (or add/delete an entry for yourself here) however you might like. If you prefer, you can also leave a comment on this page and your information will be updated accordingly.

All game titles are shortened to their initials to conserve space.

Alejandro DiniEdit

Worked on: (RotSQ) (RRHS) (TFC) (JSK) (BoR)

Official Webpage ~ Infected by Art ~ Fine Art America ~ Behance

Robert DowlingEdit

Worked on: (CoBR)

Deviant Art ~ Flickr ~ Artist a Day


Worked on: (RotSQ) (RRHS) (TFC) (BoR)

DeviantArt ~ RotSQ Character Designs

Steven KwokEdit

Worked on: (TFC) (BoR)

Official Webpage

Meow LaiEdit

Worked on: (TFC) (JSK) (BoR)


Daniel LeeEdit

Worked on: (BoR)

Blogspot ~ DeviantArt

Wan LeungEdit

Worked on: (RRHS) (TFC)


Yan Nam KoEdit

Worked on:  (CoBR) (TEP) (BoR)

DeviantArt ~ Behance

Lee Wai SumEdit

Worked on: (TEP) (RotSQ) (RRHS) (TFC) (JSK) (BoR)

Official Website

Karla WongEdit

Worked on: (CoBR) (TEP) (RotSQ) (RRHS) (TFC) (JSK) (BoR)

Official Website ~ DeviantArt ~ Tumblr

Dennis YeungEdit

Worked on: (CoBR) (TEP)

DeviantArt ~ Blogspot

Frankie YipEdit

Worked on: (TEP) (TFC) (BoR)

Official Website ~ CGSociety

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