The Match Girl's Lost Paradise will be the 15th installment of the Dark Parables series. The game will take place in Funen, Denmark. As the Fairytale Detective, we have been sent to investigate a series of disappearances involving blue flames and magical matches.

It will be based on The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen with elements of The Emperor's New Clothes by the same author and The Nutcracker.

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Briefing Edit

Your next assignment is on Furen, one of the largest islands in Denmark. It is a beautiful place with something unusual stirring just below the surface. There have been a series of unexplained fires. The latest one involved a rich landowner in Stars Hallow who was caught in his home. Like all the other incidents, there was no body and no traces of a fire afterward. It's as if the victims were swallowed by the flames. Locals have even given the phenomenon a name - the Flame of Illusion. A girl selling matches was spotted near each crime scene. She seems to be the only solid clue. Good luck, Detective.

Plot Edit

The game opens with the Match Girl assaulting the Detective with a barrage of fireballs. The Detective gets up, only to be confronted by the girl, who says the Detective is "unworthy of her matches". She leaps away and blasts more fire down where the Detective is standing, blocking the entrance to the mansion nearby. The Detective manages to activate a hose system and extinguishes the flames. She heads to the mansion to search for clues.

Inside, the Detective cleans off a mirror and sees the landowner who vanished! He exclaims that the matches the girl sold to him were worth it, then walks off. The mirror breaks, and two nutcracker dolls nearby come to life. The Detective drops a chandelier on them, destroying them, and learns the Match Girl is to blame. Outside the mansion, the girl reappears, and jumps over a fence. The Detective opens the gate and follows her to the countryside.

The Match Girl explains that all the falling stars in the sky are lost souls, searching for happiness. She asks if the Detective would like to join them, then runs off, making debris fall in front of a gate. The Detective searches a nearby Match Shop, the Match Girl's home, and learns that although the girl's father was a drunk and abusive, her grandmother was kind. A toy box in the shop comes to life and states "Please, sir, buy my matches! My father will be mad if I don't sell any!" after the Detective pays the doll, it says "Please don't hurt her. The place she made was meant to help people, not imprison them." Regardless, the Detective leaves with a growth potion she found to grow a beanstalk. With the beanstalk, the Detective removes the rubble and goes through the gate.

Ruins of a kingdom, Egeskov, lay beyond the gate. In a mirror in the ruins, the Detective sees the face of Prince Julian, all the way back from her sixth investigation. He warns the Detective to leave, oddly out of character for him... still, the Detective investigates the ruins and somehow brings the statue of a witch in the square to life. It becomes a plant-like monster, but the Detective manages to push it into the castle's moat and simultaneously open the castle drawbridge.

In the castle, the Match Girl appears in yet another mirror: "It seems your desires are stronger than I thought," she says tauntingly. "Let's play a game: if you can find the entrance to my garden, I'll tell you everything you want to know." The mirror shatters.

After investigating the castle ruins, the Detective goes through a hedge maze and finds parts of a magical sundial. She uses the pieces to open a larger sundial in the middle of a pond. The water turns purple, resembling the water of the Purple Tide, and the Detective solves a puzzle to open the entrance. But upon stepping closer to the sundial, she is pulled under the purple tide by the plant monster from before. The Detective is seen falling under the deep purple waves...

To be continued upon full release of the game.

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The Little Match Girl


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