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Fairytale Detective's Origins TheoryEdit

Start off with Cursery, right when Renee is kidnapped by Blaise. We all agree that she's the reincarnation of Cheryl, the girl Blaise loved (and still loves, no matter how the cane and the ring have twisted him). We also all agree that Renee survives the encounter with Blaise Morellus and with Parn. So, It stands to reason that Renee, and by extension her sibling who, for now, I will call her [twin?] brother Reule (you know, because I can), went on to have kids of their own.

Now then. Here's where it gets interesting.

The Fairytale Detective recognizes the Cursery Book in DP5: The Final Cinderella. We all agree on that. She goes so far as to wonder "What's a Cursery Book doing here?". Hence, she knows about them. But how? 

So glad you asked. What if she's a descendant of the siblings who went against Blaise?

It explains not only how she knows enough to recognize the Cursery Book (and by extended assumption, would know of the Cursery items) but also about her skills in working with the types of cases that she does and how she got into that line of work in the first place. 

Where does Fabled Legends come in, I hear you ask? Well now . . . every rookie needs a mentor, right? If only she'd learned the Inspector's way with horses . . .

With queries regarding age, I'm thinking perhaps her family's brush with the Cursery had an effect on them, perhaps extending their lives/her life. And as for the Inspector . . . even less is known of that person than we know of our darling Detective! So, maybe he isn't entirely human either?

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The Detective Might be Immortal TheoryEdit

Everyone who has met her before recognizes her on sight and expect her to do the same and are confused when she doesn't and needs prompting. Something about her isn't quite 'human'.

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The Mirror TheoryEdit

Summary: The 3 mirrors in the Mirror room in Rise of the Snow Queen are actually 3 decoy False mirrors and the 3 mirrors we see in The Exiled Prince are their Truth mirror counterparts. The False Mirror at the end of Rise of the Snow Queen and the Truth Mirror in The Red Riding Hood Sisters are the real ones.

Contributors: Astroasis

Pinocchio and Katherine's Relationship TheoryEdit

Summary: Pinocchio and Katherine from The Final Cinderella are either A) romantically involved or B) have adopted a mother-son relationship.

Proof: The two of them are holding hands at the end of the 5th installment.

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Guardians are Reincarnated Theory

Summary: When a Guardian for some odd reason dies, Goddes Flora waits until a perfect reincarnation of the old Guardian appears, and names them the new Guardian. </p> <p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">Proof: The main proof we have for this theory are the statues dedicated to the Nightbloom Guardian. Notice I said "The Nightbloom Guardian" and not "Belladonna".  That is because the statues in the Nightbloom Guardian shrine, and the one in the entrance to Briar Rose's and Ivy's shrines, are notably way older than Belladonna. So it would make sense to theorize that it is the previous Nightbloom Guardian who died years before, and not Bella.  The second minor piece of evidence is just logic. Put yourself in Flora's shoes. If you picked a Guardian to look over your flowers, when for some reason they die, you wouldn’t just let your flower die with them, you would wait for their reincarnation so that your flower would no go extinct. </p> <p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">What to take from it: When the time is right, we might have a new English Ivy Guardian.</p> Contributors:  Pocolate581

Guardian Aging Pattern TheoryEdit

<p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">Summary: Guardians obviously stop aging at some point, due to the fact that we have seen pictures of younger Belladonna and Rapunzel. So the theory is that Guardians stop aging around 18.</p>

<p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">Proof: Let’s talk age. Obviously King Crisanto (Bella and Rapunzel ’s dad) died not too long ago considering we see his untouched remains on the throne. Since he is a regular human, we have to assume that Bella is the actual age she looks like in the games. So let's say she's around the age of 13. Since Rapunzel is also his daughter and Bella’s sister with pictures proving they were young at the same time that means she has to be at least 18. Assuming that the Nightbloom Guardian we see depicted in the Shadow Vestry, and the one at the entrance to the Briar Rose and Ivy shrines is not Belladonna, plus the fact that Guardians are reincarnated, could mean since Rapunzel LOOKS like the previous life Guardian, which in turn must mean her immortality has kicked in and she is now in her permanent state.</p>

<p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">What to take from it: This would also explain the slight change in Briar Rose's appearance after the first game. She was cursed when she was 16, so she still had 2 years of aging before she would stop. So when she woke up she resumed aging for 2 years and now is going to look that way for the rest of her life</p>

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More Guardians TheoryEdit

<p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">Summary: There might be more Guardians.</p>

<p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">Proof: Considering the Goddess Flora named them Guardians to protect her flowers and their elements, you would think she wouldn’t just pick 6 flowers to be guarded. There are MANY flowers in which to give Guardians to, so why wouldn’t she? The reason behind why we only see 6 Guardians in Ballad of Rapunzel might be because the very first Guardians were depicted; Rose and Ivy, and then the other four are the most important Guardians, Life and Death, and Fire and Ice.</p>

<p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">What to take from it: There could be more Guardians, but they are just not as important as the other 6.</p>

<p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">Contributors:  Pocolate581</p>

The Nightbloom Guardian TheoryEdit

<p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">Summary: The Nightbloom Guardian we see depicted in the Shadow Vestry is not Belladonna, but is the previous Nightbloom Guardian.</p>

<p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">Proof: All proof lies in the Guardians are reincarnated theory.</p>

<p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">What to take from this: The same can be applied in Rapunzel's case.</p>

<p style="margin:0in0in10pt;"> </p>

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Flora Likes Siblings TheoryEdit

<p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">Summary: If Goddess Flora is going to pick opposing Guardians, she wants them to be siblings.</p>

<p style="margin:0in0in10pt;">Proof: The only proof for this theory is that all of the opposite Guardians are siblings, and only siblings.</p>

Contributors:  Pocolate581