The Tiara of Reverie is the floral crown worn by Rapunzel in the seventh Dark Parables game, Ballad of Rapunzel. It is a mind control device, created by Mother Gothel, and used by Belladonna to control the Princess.

Appearance and Mechanics Edit

The Tiara of Reverie is a lovely floral crown, made with a dainty chain of various flowers. It looks no different than any other floral crown, but it possesses a strong magic that allows one to use mind control on the person wearing it.

History Edit

The Tiara of Reverie was created by Mother Gothel to be used as an instrument in her grand scheme of revenge against the Goddess Flora and the Kingdom of Floralia. It was fashioned in the style and design of the floral crowns Rapunzel always wore, even when she was a young child.

Mother Gothel gave the tiara to Belladonna, who knowingly gifted it to her half-sister, Rapunzel. Belladonna felt some hesitancy about doing this, but she went through with it anyway. She feared that if she didn't do something drastic, Rapunzel would be stolen away from her by Ross Red, and Belladonna would be all alone in the world.

Now able to control her sister, Belladonna was free to use Rapunzel's singing voice to make all of the Nightbloom flowers in the Kingdom release their deadly pollen. Mother Gothel had already engineered the plants to respond to the elder Princess' enchanted voice, anticipating the chain of events that would lead to this.

Rapunzel was able to witness the things her sister was doing, and knew of the role she was being forced to play in it all. However, due to the Tiara of Reverie, she was unable to do a thing about any of it. Thankfully, Ross Red was able to remove the tiara from her head using his power of fire that can burn any object, even one as enchanted as the Tiara of Reverie was.

The Tiara of Reverie was incinerated entirely by Ross, and no longer poses a threat to Rapunzel or anyone else ever again.

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