This page is intended to serve as a Timeline for the overall events in the Dark Parables universe. The direct events of each game are assumed to have occurred in the order of the games' releases. Flashbacks, histories and events in bonus games are estimated at the time of their occurrence, separate from the time of the events in the main game. This timeline aims to establish a general order of events, more than a precise date for those events.

Only events of somewhat verifiable timing are included in this timeline. Many more events have occurred, but the timing of them is unknown or can only be estimated broadly.

This is a work in progress. Please do not edit this yet.

Before Recorded History

900 - 1000

1000 - 1100

1100 - 1400

1400 - 1500

1500 - 1600

1600 - 1900

1900 - 2000





2003 - 2007


2007 - 2009




Events of Unknown Date

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