The Princess has been taken? This is terrible news! Please, allow me to help you in this quest.

—Tom Thumb, Rumpelstiltskin and the Queen

Tom Thumb is a minor character in the bonus game, Rumpelstiltskin and the Queen. He helps in accomplishing several tasks throughout the course of the game. He also serves as an inventory item in parts of the game.

Tom Thumb is based on the English folk character Tom Thumb.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Tom is very small, no bigger than a thumb (hence his name). He has short brown hair and a cheerful, friendly face.

Tom is friendly and jovial, but also very brave. He is eager to help others and to do the right thing.

History Edit

Tom was born to a childless couple thanks to the help and blessing of the Fairy Queen. He lived a happy life with his parents, helping them however he could. One day, he was stolen away by an evil merchant. Tom managed to escape, but found himself lost in a large forest.

Just as he was about to be eaten by a snake, the Queen of the Sky Kingdom happened upon him and saved his life. To thank her for rescuing him, Tom offered to help her with her quest to save her daughter. He helped the Queen gain access to the fairy realm, and even rode a flying stone high up into the air to grab a bag of honey beer. Finally, he disguised his voice as an evil Sorcerer's to distract the imp Rumpelstiltskin, so that the Queen could gain access to the imp's hut.

To thank Tom for his help in saving their child, the King and Queen of the Sky Kingdom helped him get home to his family, and even rewarded them well, with bags of gold. Tom lived happily ever after.

Relevant Parables Edit

The Adventures of Tom Thumb (from Rumpelstiltskin and the Queen)

There was once a childless couple who wished desperately for a child of their own. One day, they prayed to a fairy shrine. The Fairy Queen was greatly moved by their plea and blessed the couple with a son. The boy was no taller than a thumb, but the couple loved him all the same. They gave him the name of Tom Thumb. And with the Fairy Queen as his godmother, he was beloved by the fairies. Tom was a clever child. Though he was much smaller than the other boys, he found ways to help his father with the chores. One day, an evil merchant saw the pint-sized boy and snatched him, intending to make him a sideshow piece. Tom was able to escape, but the forest was filled with perils for a boy of his size. Luckily, a woman happened to pass by and rescued him. He discovered she was the Queen, searching for her lost child. In gratitude, Tom volunteered to assist the Queen's quest. For his aid, Tom was handsomely rewarded and returned to his loving parents with bags of gold. And they lived happily ever after.

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Quotes by Tom Thumb Edit

  • "Your Highness, thank you for saving my life! My name is Tom."
  • "The Princess has been taken? This is terrible news! Please, allow me to help you in this quest."
  • "Am I to play the part of a fairy? This will be fun!"
  • "Impudent creature! Do you not remember your master, the great wizard who summoned you? I shall turn you back to stone! You will be, uh ... punished for your impudence!" (pretending to be Rumpelstiltskin's master)

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