Home and official headquarters of the Order of the Red Riding Hood Sisters. It is an intricately designed series of large treehouses, connected only by wooden bridges and stairways. It sits on the outskirts of the Mist Kingdom, and can only be reached by elevator.

History Edit

Originally a training ground built by the Huntsman for Isabella, this structure was later transformed by Geppetto into its current state. A monument still stands to commemorate the heroic deeds of the Huntsman, and his role in the creation of the Order.

Contents Edit

The hideout includes several rooms that serve various purposes. These rooms include the following:

  • A meeting hall, wherein lies the Truth Mirror
  • A training room fully equipped with weaponry
  • A library filled with Astrology books

Upon first entering the hideout, a carving of the Order's oath and coat of arms can be seen, placed just above a statue of Isabella. Many mounted wolf heads and wolf head statues can be found all around the hideout. Whether any of these heads belonged to, or represent the wolf Isabella first encountered, is unknown.

Notable Residents Edit

Gallery Edit

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