The Underground Palace is the main location where the second Dark Parables installment, The Exiled Prince, takes place. The palace is a massive shrine to all of Prince James' beloved wives including secret rooms.

Sections Edit

  • Cinderella's shrine contains a beautiful library, a room with a pumpkin coach, and a closet full of shoes.
  • The Little Mermaid's shrine is an underwater aquarium. A stone statue of Naida upon a seashell throne sits behind the glass, and trinkets in display cases encircle the room. Her second room contains beautiful paintings, and tiny treasures which have been arbitrarily placed all around.
  • The Swan Princess' shrine is a small house which connects to a moonlit lake. A statue of the Princess can be seen, one black swan and one white swan at her feet, wings outstretched.
  • Snow White is the only wife to have two shrines, including The Frozen Lair, though the lair could be considered as either Snow White's chambers or James' chambers. Her first shrine is a homey cottage, wherein lies a glass coffin, and a room of mirrors. A single mirror attempts to communicate, but is unsuccessful.

Gallery Edit

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