The Unnamed Prince is a minor character in the first Dark Parables game, Curse of Briar Rose. He is the Prince who attempted to wake Briar Rose from her eternal slumber, but ultimately failed.

Appearance Edit

The Prince was a handsome young man with feathered blond hair. He wore a long, furry red cloak.

History Edit

Not much is known of this Prince's history. He was the brother of James, the Frog Prince, and that's mostly what we know of him. While adventuring, he encountered the Stewartson Castle and attempted to gain entry to it in order to wake the beautiful Princess rumored to be sleeping inside of it.

Once inside the castle, the Prince kissed the sleeping beauty, breaking part of the curse and waking all of the other inhabitants of the castle. However, since his love for Briar Rose was not true, his kiss did not wake her and fully break the curse it just got rid of the thorns. All further attempts to wake Briar Rose failed from that point on, since the curse was no longer active.

As a result of his efforts, the Prince also fell prey to the vile curse. He fell gravely ill and died shortly after kissing Briar Rose, having spent what little remained of his life at her bedside. To honor his efforts and his sacrifice to their daughter, the King and Queen had the Prince entombed within their castle, engraving his resting place with markers denoting his noble deeds. He is also depicted with honor in a stained glass window inside the chapel of Stewartson Castle.

The plaques on his tomb read: "The young prince, who upon kissing the princess, became gravely ill from the curse and soon passed away." and "His immortal brother carries a greater curse, which will one day bring the oceans to submerge on our lands."

Relationships Edit

Gallery Edit

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