The Wooden Beast is a creature first encountered in the fifth Dark Parables game, The Final Cinderella. It is a golem made by Geppetto to keep Pinocchio company and to protect him from any danger. Amelia also uses it for her own nefarious purposes.

Appearance Edit

The wooden beast is enormous and extremely strong. He is made of cursed wood that has bright red, glowing lines running through it in a circuit-like pattern. He functions much like a wooden robot.

Field Notes Edit

We first encounter the wooden beast while exploring the Hilltop Mansion. We save Pinocchio from the beast, only to later discover that this was only a ploy to gain our trust. The beast is later used by the Puppet Master in an attempt to destroy the Fairytale Detective. The Detective deactivates the wooden beast, rendering it harmless.

Origins Edit

After Geppetto made Pinocchio, he found that the villagers were less than accepting of his new wooden son. To protect Pinocchio from the people nearby and to keep him company, Geppetto fetched more wood from the Forbidden Grove and used it to create the wooden beast. From that point on, the wooden beast served all of Pinocchio's needs, keeping him safe and following whatever orders Pinocchio gave him.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Strength: The wooden beast possesses great strength.
  • Size: This beast is enormous, easily standing higher than the Hilltop Mansion itself.
  • Hardiness: While weak to fire, the wooden beast has very few other weaknesses, due to his lack of flesh.

Gallery Edit

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